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Meet Rod and Val, founders and owners of Seniors Choosing to Live at Home. Hear about their unique approach to Home Care.

Seniors Choosing To Live At Home

The leading provider of home care services for New Bern and the surrounding area

The founders of Seniors Choosing to Live at Home  began their careers in more traditional senior living services. Only after founding a home care agency and serving as Executive Director and Director of Marketing over two senior living communities, as well as Project Manager for the development of two senior living properties, did the founders’ thinking begin to change.


Home is a Safe-Haven

The fact is, people prefer to remain in the dwelling they recognize as home. The founders focused on this desire and aimed to meet the needs of adults by bringing the amenities of retirement living right to their front door.

However, after over a decade of focusing on home care they began to see the need for an adult day center. Our on site facility provides your loved one with the opportunity to leave home and engage with the community, in a safe and worry-free environment. 

The result is a company that caters to the needs of those who choose to live at home. Our professional staff will listen to your concerns and tailor-make a safe, affordable care plan delivering everything you need to the place you call home.

About Us

caregiver and older man
Caregiver and elderly lady
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