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Adult Day Center Services

When Caring Matters

Seniors Choosing to Live at Home adult activity center

Motivated by their own personal connection to loved ones with memory issues, Rod and Valerie opened an Adult Day Center for seniors. Their goal is to provide a safe and attentive environment for those suffering from early stages of dementia and to provide worry free respite for their loving family members. 


Seniors Choosing to Live at Home Adult Day Activity Center. With no contractual commitments or time limits, we offer plenty of activities and stimulating recreation for adults with light dementia.

A Typical Day



Current events, exercises & snacks


Communal lunch planned by a registered dietician


Various activities that include music, art & games

Special Occasions

Celebrate holidays, birthdays & anniversaries


Goodbyes and brief reports to caregivers

Have reservations about participating in a Senior Activity Center?

My loved one has light dementia and I feel they will not fit in

Please, feel at ease. There will be others there with the same condition. Years of experience has taught us that those people will find each other. And when they do, they will bond. And when that happens, the personality that you miss will resurface. It is one of the most amazing and satisfying results we see.

It is too difficult to get my spouse up and ready and for me to transport them to the Center

We have you covered. We can provide you with transportation…and if you need a little help getting the day started for you loved one, we will send out an Aide to make things easier.

They worry about meals and medications

We provide snacks in the morning and afternoon and a full lunch at noon. In addition, if medications must be taken during Day Center hours, we can make sure that is taken care of for you.

They question the social benefits

One of the most rewarding things about the Day Center is watching those who have become isolated because of health issues start to blossom and flourish in a setting where they can socialize and participate in activities. During our assessment for new Participants we do a full analysis of your loved ones social needs. Our programs are tailor made to meet their needs.

Guilt: I feel as if I am handing off the problem of my spouse with dementia into someone else’s hands

There are thousands upon thousands of families that struggle with a family member suffering from dementia. For those who have never dealt with this, they have no idea how difficult it can be. We do understand. And that is why it is helpful for you to know that by allowing yourself a little respite you can give more of yourself to your loved one. In addition, you are allowing your spouse or parent an opportunity to begin to live life again. Never feel guilty…this will be positive experience for you both.

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